Tuesday, 13 August 2019

What I Won - July 2019

I know, I know, it's the middle of the month so I'm late with my What I Won post again. Maybe next month I'll be on time!

I feel like I had a really good month with regards to competition wins, as a lot of them were handy ones that would come in useful. I had no Twitter wins at all but to be honest, that is the one social media app I hardly open these days. I need to get back into Twitter comps again.

Anyway, here's what I won in July!

Facebook Wins
A pair of Marigold gloves 

£100 voucher for Belfast Cookery School

Bloo cleaning hamper

Nivea bundle

Meat parcel

Instagram Wins
Vampirina microphone

Beaubelle make up brush set and Dr Lipp products

Bottle of gin

2 bottles of Radox shower gel

Web Wins
£75 spend at Em&Lu children's nightwear

'Kids Fight Plastic' book 

Did you win anything nice last month?

Saturday, 10 August 2019

The Bellies Babies - Review

(AD/gifted - We received this item for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

If E could only choose one type of toy to play with it, it would always be dolls. When we had the opportunity to test out and review a new range called 'The Bellies' I jumped at the chance because I thought it would be a real winner with her.

The Bellies from Bellyville are a new range of crazy, cute, funny babies. There are four different dolls to collect; Bobby-Boo, Muak-Muak, Yumi-Yummy and Pinky-Twink - we received Bobby-Boo.

Each Bellies doll has their own birthmark hidden on their body and have their own personalities. Bobby-Boo is the funniest one who loves scaring people and loves the colour blue, Muak-Muak is the most loving, Yumi-Yummy is the sweetest and Pinky-Twink is the naughtiest!

Inside your box, you'll find:
  • Bellies doll (complete with hat and nappy)
  • Dummy
  • Bottle
  • Blanket
  • Instruction guide, or "Bellypedia"
  • Stickers

Inside your new baby's bellybutton you'll find a little tab, which kind of doubles as its umbilical cord. Once you've pulled that out, its heart will start beating then after a few seconds it will begin to babble. E absolutely loved this as the majority of the dolls we own don't make noises so it's adds a little interactive aspect. It did grate on me a little, I'll admit. 

Although Bobby-Boo is a boy baby, E was adamant that it was a girl baby so, what can you do!

Her favourite thing is when the baby makes a very obvious pooping noise! Of course, that definitely got a laugh out of her. When you open its nappy, you will firstly discover it's birthmark on its bottom (Bobby-Boo's is blue) but also a surprise inside in the form of a poop sticker.

Inside your Bellypedia you'll find a cute little sheet to fill in with your baby's details, instructions on how to look after your baby but also a Poopypedia! Each poop sticker has a meaning (you get a sticker sheet so you can change these yourself) from having a runny nose to too much milk. I really like the concept of this but I think it would work better if the poops were velcro like the fastenings of the nappy. It means that you won't lose the stickiness and they'd hold better.

E has really enjoyed looking after her Bellies doll and the details are very cute. She loves playing mummy, changing it's nappy and giving it its bottle and dummy. The mouth of the doll isn't open so the bottle and dummy don't actually fit in. You just sort of hover the bottle over it's mouth and the dummy is magnetised. I think I would prefer it if they fitted in.

Also available to buy is a Bellies Emergency Kit for additional play, which contains a syringe, vitamins, snot remover, food and plasters. Obviously we only received the one doll but if you have two and sit them together, they will interact with each other.

The Bellies have a brand new YouTube channel that they've love for you to subscribe to - you can find them at The Bellies Babies EN.

The Bellies dolls retail at £29.99 (which, to be completely honest, I'd be a bit reluctant to pay. I think I'd be okay with the £17 mark at most) and you can find them at Smyths and all good toy retailers.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Casdon Flymo Toy Lawnmower - Review #CasdonFlymo

(AD/gifted - We received this item for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

One of E's favourite ways to play is doing role-play. This started at a young age with her little tea set and progressing onto a toy kitchen, a sweep/mop set, shopping trolley - anything mummy and daddy do, she wanted to act it out and pretend that she was doing it too. Casdon are a really great brand for role-playing toys and we've actually reviewed some in the past which have been well-received.

With it being the middle of summer and it being quite good weather, E was delighted to receive the Casdon Flymo Lawnmower - exactly the same one that her grandad has - so she could "help" him mow his garden.

It is super simple to put together, coming in just three parts, the main base which is the iconic Flymo orange colour (complete with Flymo logo) and two handle pieces that slot together. You're then all ready to go!

The lawnmower doesn't require batteries which is a massive plus in my book and the wheels on the bottom make a clicking sound to imitate the mower noise.

Aimed at children aged 3+, I did have a little worry that my tall, almost-five-year-old daughter may be too big for it but she is able to push it comfortably around the garden.

The plastic is really sturdy and I did think, before opening, that if E maybe put a bit too much pressure on the handle as she pushes, they would come apart but that hasn't been the case and we are very impressed with it. 

E is enjoying mimicking her grandad and cutting his grass for him but it's even great to bring indoors on a rainy day too as it wheels along the floor nicely too.

The Casdon Flymo Lawnmower is priced at £12.99 and is available at all good toy retailers. You can find out more at the Casdon website.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Blume Dolls - Review

(AD/gifted - We received these items for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Like many children her age, E is absolutely obsessed with collectable toys - even more so if they are of the doll variety!

Blume Dolls are brand new on the market and I think that they bring a little bit extra to the collectables world. From the outer packaging, not too much is given away but from the flowerpot shape and designs, you can see a bit of a gardening aspect added - something that I haven't yet seen with children's collectables.

E received three Blume Dolls to test out for herself and couldn't wait to see who was inside each flowerpot. 

Once you've removed the outer film, you have your flowerpot ready to go. The pots come in different colours, each one corresponding to the rarity of the doll that you will find inside, so you do get a bit of an inkling as to what to expect. Underneath the lid, you'll see a collector's sheet, telling you more about the 22 different Blume dolls that you can find and their rarity. You will also see a miniature watering can.

You are then instructed to peel back the foil to reveal a layer that you pour water onto from your watering can. You can watch my video below to see what happens once you've watered your pot.

The water seeps through, making the Blume doll's hair expand and start to pop through. I like that the process is quite quick. E can get bored very easily so if she had to wait a while for her doll to be exposed, I know she'd get fed up. I was actually blown away by this concept and I believe I verbalised a "Wow!" 

Once the excitement of getting your doll is over, you can easily open up the flowerpot to reveal a home for your new Blume doll. Inside you'll see some more surprises. Here we found a mirror/stand, a friend for our doll, clothing and shoes and a little sticker sheet.

E loved decorating the inside of her Blume dolls pot with her stickers and once you've collected more than one doll, you can mix and match their outfits too. Not only that, but the hair is removable too so you can switch them around as much as you'd like, they clip onto a little bun that is hidden underneath. 

The Blume dolls themselves are really cute and E likes the extended play aspect. Although the watering and element of surprise is over fast, it is nice that it comes with a little playset that encourages creativity and imagination. If you keep the lids and remove your dolls hair, they can fit inside and be tidied away easily too. 

I imagine that Blume Dolls will be a huge hit this year as it's genuinely a toy that I, as a parent, really loved. They are suitable for children aged 3 and up and are available to buy from Argos and all good toy retailers for £9.99.