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I'm Rebecca, a 27 year old mummy to 6 year old C and 4 year old E. We live in Belfast, Northern Ireland with their daddy, Chris.

I started up my blog in order to capture our moments with C as a baby but it progressed and I now write about anything that's going on in my life.

We enjoy being outdoors wherever possible, finding new quirky and unique items, the odd crafty activity and we're total foodies! We're both quite nerdy and we love superheroes, geeky gadgets, "alternative" music & books. I love entering competitions and I post my wins on the blog every month to hopefully get more people entering. It is the best hobby ever.

C is a superstar. He was diagnosed with Autism in February 2018 so currently every day is learning curve for us. I do write a lot about autism in general and how we manage. He is a typical boy who loves toilet humour and has his own little obsessions - namely LEGO, video games and superheroes. He is hyperlexic and taught himself to read at the age of four.

Erin is the diva of the family. Although she loves video games and heroes just as much as her brother, she is typical girlie girl and adores anything pink, Barbie, Disney Princesses, dresses, LOL Surprise dolls and anything baring a unicorn! She is quite strong-minded and definitely likes to share her own opinions on things and do things her way.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it here!
If you wish to contact me, you can do so here: rebeccaphillips49@gmail.com

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