Sunday, 29 May 2016

Look in my Letterbox #57

I had kind of a quiet post week this week. I've won so much this month - It's been one of my best yet. I'm really excited to write May's "What I Won" post! I'm still waiting impatiently for most of my prizes to get here. Anywho, here's what I received this week. As ever, I'm linking up with Alice-Megan's Look in my Letterbox. This is one of my favourite linkies so if you're interested in sharing and are also as nosey as I am - come link up too!

Funky Giraffe bibs
 I love Funky Giraffe! I had a few of their bibs when C was little and they are by far the best I've ever used. So fashionable too!

Lily's Driftwood Bay DVD
I entered tons of blog giveaways for this DVD and finally won! I haven't yet put it on yet but it looks cute and I think the kids will love it.
Num Nom Mystery Pack
I've entered so many blog giveaways for Num Noms too but had no luck. The kids watch more Tiny Pop than CBeebies now so when the toy adverts come on, C keeps telling me that he wants Num Noms for his birthday. He also spotted them on a trip to Toys R Us and fell in love with the café playset. Num Noms had a giveaway on Twitter recently where you had to get your child to draw a num or a nom. I let C choose one on the computer and he got to drawing. I was so chuffed that he won one for himself!
Disney goody bag
 I won this in an easy Twitter giveaway with Thomson Holidays - you just had to let them know where you'd like to visit. I, of course, said DisneyWorld - we just have to save up a bit first! I didn't know what to expect in the goody bag but I was blown away. How fab!

Frozen scooter
Helen from Mummy to the Max recently introduced me to Amazon Warehouse Deals. These items are marked as "used" but really it's that they item has been already purchased and returned in great condition, they could have a slight scratch or the box may be damaged. I saw this scooter at a bargain price of £8.34 (RRP £31.90) and I had to snap it up. I didn't even know what the age range was, I just knew I'd keep it for E. It arrived and said age 2 on the box so it will be perfect for her birthday. The box was in great condition and all the pieces were included - fabulous bargain!

Braun groomers
We have received these as part of my Father's Day gift guide. Keep an eye out for that soon!

I think this was a SoPost freebie. Chris took it but I had a sip and quite liked it!
Rimmel nail polish
This was another little freebie that one of my Facebook friends shared. I can't wait to try it.

Did you receive anything nice this week?

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Win £30 to spend at Party Bags & Supplies

Planning birthday parties are stressful. I am such a stress head and worrier at the best of times so you can imagine what I'm liking planning a party! My childrens birthdays are 16 days apart so to help alleviate the stress, I've decided that I'm just goung to host joint parties, whilst they're still young at least!

I have four months to plan C and E's. That might sound like ages away but it isn't in "mum world". I've usually started long before now but I don't even have a theme and only a handful of birthday presents in. One of my least favourite things to do is finding everything to match. I am so rubbish at it but luckily Party Bags & Supplies can help with that. You can buy almost everything that you need for a party in one place and save so much time. From party bags (filled ones too!), napkins, plates, cups, straws to cupcake stands, 6ft posters and cardboard cutouts - your party will be completely sorted with minimal amounts of brain melting.

I have a tricky task this year of planning a mixed gender party. I'm quite lucky that with them only turning four and two and spending so much time together, that they do like the same things. Scrolling down the list of themes for ideas, I spotted "Toy Story". How did I not think of throwing them a Toy Story party? They are always watching the movies and constantly fighting over who gets to play with their Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie toys.

The Toy Story selection is wonderful and their primary coloured plates and kids snack boxes would tie in well with the branded items. I think I've now mentally planned their party in my head and the prices are so affordable that you won't break the bank!

I absolutely love all their Frozen party bits too. I think the kids would too - it's so hard to choose from all their fab themes! They even offer items for adult birthdays and other occasions such as Baby Showers and Graduation parties.

The lovely people at Party Bags & Supplies are offering my readers the chance to win £30 to spend on their website - you could kit out your child's upcoming birthday party! All you need to do is fill in the Rafflecopter widget below.


  • One winner will win £30 to spend online at the Party Bags & Supplies website
  • The giveaway will run from May 26th until June 9th
  • Open to entrants aged 18+
  • UK residents only
  • No automated entry
  • One entry per person
 Good luck!

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Siblings - May 2016

I haven't done a Siblings post since March - I forgot last month! - and I feel like C and E have grown so much in the space of just two months. E can speak much more now. She picks up every word she hears and sometimes I can't believe that she isn't even two yet. She seems a lot more grown because of C. She learns so much from him and he seems to enjoy teaching her. 

I always write about them bickering and this hasn't stopped but it has lessened. Tiredness plays a big factor in this and also when they both want to play with the same toy. Most of the time, you can find the two of them playing together nicely, doing something silly and in fits of giggles at each other. In the morning whoever wakes up first will wake the other. They don't usually come to wake us - their laughter does that! It is the sweetest way to wake up though.

I always said that I wanted a short age gap because the ten years between myself and my sister was too much and I definitely think I made the right decision. When E was really little and couldn't interact much with C, it was hard for him but now that she's more of a toddler and likes the same things as he does (she now loves Spider-Man, trains, cars and dinosaurs!), he loves spending time with her and even tells me that she is his best friend.

They make me so proud every day. C is the best big brother and really looks after his little sister. E has very firmly planted her bum in the centre of our family and rules the roost but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Captain Pug, The Dog who Sailed the Seas by Laura James - book review

A couple of weeks ago, we received a lovely new book to have a read of - Captain Pug, The Dog who Sailed the Seas by Laura James which was just published at the start of this month. The book is aimed at children aged 5-7 years old and although C isn't quite four yet, I thought it would be a story that he would enjoy me reading to him.

The first thing I noticed was the appearance of the book. It's a definite upgrade and natural progression from toddler/preschooler books into books for older readers. The pages aren't packed with text, you still have wonderful comic-style illustrations which really draw your attention and help you to picture the scenes more clearly. 

The book follows Lady Miranda, her Pug and also features her maid Wendy and Running Footmen Will and Liam. Lady Miranda has a party at the boating lake. She dresses Pug up in a little captains outfit ready for a day at the water. Pug soon realises that he doesn't think he can be a captain as he remembers that he walks around puddles when they're outside and he hates having baths.

At the boating lake, Lady Miranda and Pug get separated. The Lady Miranda side of the story is her and her footmen trying to find Pug while Pug has a very clever idea of trying to become a famous captain so Lady Miranda can find him easily. He gets to sail of different types of boats, meeting different people along the way, and discovers which ones he likes and dislikes sailing in.

It is a really lovely story which some factually correct information about boating and some funny bits thrown in too. I personally love the running mentions of Pug being a food lover and the fact that Lady Miranda says that she needs to put him on a diet.

There are six chapters, each of them being relatively short. As C is just used to very short preschool books. I read two or three chapters a night to him as I didn't want him to feel too tired to read to the end. He loved looking at the pictures and really seemed interested in the story. Some of the words I know he didn't recognise but I'm glad that he is being introduced to new words in this way. 

I'm excited for the new release - Cowboy Pug - in January 2017. After reading and loving Captain Pug, I will definitely be buying it.
You can purchase your own copy of Captain Pug (published by Bloomsbury Books) from all major bookstores at an RRP of £5.99. 

(We received a copy of the book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)