Look in my Letterbox #82

Another week, another Look in my Letterbox! I had a really busy week with lots of wins arriving. It always makes my week a bit more exciting. 

Here's what I received this week:

Pirate craft book
 This was a surprise win! I don't get many of these so it's always nice when one arrives. This came from a web entry at the Primary Times website. C will absolute love making these with me.

Blog goodies
 I am so bad when it comes to organisation for anything never mind just blogging. I won these during National Stationery Week from That Lame Company on Twitter. They will hopefully give me a kick up the bum to be more organised.

Line drawing 
 I was so excited when I won a line drawing of my children and when I received the finished article, I was absolutely blown away with how amazing it was. It's by the insanely talented Frankie's Doodles.

Diamond earrings
 I won these on Instagram from Diamond Heaven and it is by far my most valuable win in my five years of comping, with an RRP of £1,900. I didn't want to believe it until they arrived but here they are and they are absolutely stunning.

C decoration
 This was another little Instagram win from Be Bright Designs. It will be fab on C's wall!

Star Wars book
 I won this in a May 4th Star Wars giveaway and it is so cool! It's Star Wars written as a William Shakespeare play.

Sticker set
The Secret Life of Pets was the first movie that C and E saw in the cinema so when I saw this little giveaway when scrolling Twitter early one morning, I thought I'd enter for E. She was so excited and basically stuck all of the stickers in her sticker album right away.
 Bottlegreen had 50 sets of these to give away over Facebook and Instagram and I was one of their lucky winners. I'd never actually tried this brand before but they are so lovely!

La Redoute clothing

 I have my lovely friend Jenna who writes at Chic Geek Diary to thank for this amazing win. She tagged me in a giveaway that La Redoute were running on their Facebook page. The prize was £1000 split between you and a friend and because she won and I was the tagged friend, we got £500 credit each! The above is what I ordered with my £500. I kitted the family out!


 This was another little Instagram win - you guys know I love my bows!

Skirt and Bow set

I won this beautiful skirt and a bow to match on Instagram too. The picture isn't the greatest but it's unicorn print - so pretty!

R plates 
My wonderful boyfriend Chris passed his driving test a few weeks ago so I bought him some magnetic R plates for his car. 
Fidget spinners
I also bought two fidget spinners (one for Chris and one for C) as they are all the rage and obviously couldn't be without them!

Bigjigs Dungeon
 I am part of the Bigjigs Play Patrol and this Dungeon is the second item that we have received to review. It's super cool so look out for my review later this week.

This may be a little bit premature considering we haven't got an official autism diagnosis for C (although I'm 95% sure that we will get one) but I am hoping that we will get some helpful tips from it. I will publish my thoughts soon!

Ant with Rolling Egg 
 This is a giveaway prize from the lovely people at BRIO. Keep an eye on the blog to be in with a chance of winning.

Did you receive anything nice last week?

Lucy Locket Wooden Biscuit Set Counting Game - Review

I've always said that the best thing that I ever did for my four year son C was give him a sister. E is two years old so is mobile, can talk and communicate well with her big brother. The closeness in age means that they can play games together happily. One of their favourite things to take part in is pretend play. We have a wooden kitchen set, cleaning set and tea set and they will play with them constantly, if they aren't making up little scenarios with their toy figures!

When Lucy Locket offered us the chance to review one of their Wooden Biscuit Counting Sets, I jumped at the chance because I thought it would go down well with the children and it didn't disappoint.

The set comes in a small box (15cm x 11cm x 6cm) and contains 10 wooden biscuits (five different types) and one tea cloth. Each piece is made of thick, durable wood, which is smoothed down making it perfect for little hands. I love how bright and colourful they are and they replicate real biscuits. I always fancy a pink wafer when the children are playing with it!

C and E both enjoyed pretending to be having afternoon tea and sharing out their biscuits evenly between them. E can be quite difficult when it comes to sharing but she surprised me when playing with this set. She would even pretend to be baking her biscuits in her toy kitchen then feed them to myself and her daddy. 

Not only do you have the pretend play and sharing aspect, but they soon discovered that each biscuit has a number on the reverse. C is starting primary school and September and has recently been teaching himself how to add numbers together. These have been a great tool for me to assist his learning. E, on the other hand, is a little bit younger so is only just learning about numbers and how to put them in order. She previously would skip a few out but this set has been great for number recognition and I'd often line some up in order then ask her to pass me the number which comes next, making it into a fun game. She does prefer to stack them then knock them all over though! 

I love the attention to detail that has been put into the Wooden Biscuit Counting Set, especially with the different shapes and paintwork of the biscuits. I cannot recommend this set enough as it's been both fun and educational and my children have been playing with in constantly since it arrived.

The Wooden Biscuit Counting Set retails at £16.00. You can find out more about their fantastic toy range at the Lucy Locket website or you can keep up to date on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

(We received this item for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.) 

Look in my Letterbox #81

Eek, I've been such a bad blogger lately. I had fallen into a bit of a slump so I, untentionally, stopped writing the posts I'd regularly write and posts for linkies I'd join up with. I'm vowing to get back into them now so first up is a new Look in my Letterbox! It feels like forever since I've written one so in case you aren't familiar, I literally write about everything that I received in the post that week! I'm quite a nosey person and I know I'm not the only one! Here's what I received last week:

Wow Toys & Book
 We absolutely LOVE Wow Toys so I was thrilled to win this in their Twitter giveaway. The book is fab, we have a different themed one already, and love it.

Smurfs bundle
 I won this from Mumsnet on Twitter and was delighted. The kids love the Smurfs and E even wore the Smurf hat for two hours straight when it arrived.

Abeille blanket
 How lovely is this blanket? It is amazing quality and the colour is beautiful.

Signed Steve Backshall books
 I absolutely love Steve Backshall so I may have fangirled a little bit when these arrived - all signed inside too!

 Willow the Pillow
I won this gorgeous pillowcase alongside the Abeille blanket that I showed above. It is beautifully soft and I can't wait to get it on E's bed. It's so cute!

Alternative Press magazine
 Anyone who knows me, knows how much I adore Panic! at the Disco and Brendon Urie. This is an American magazine so after stalking my local newsagents for two months and everywhere being sold out online, I finally got my hands on a copy!

Did you receive anything nice last week?

Turning Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast

I have always been a huge advocate of getting kids outside and playing rather than being stuck inside on tablets and games consoles. I spent 99% of my childhood playing outdoors and I knew I'd get my own children to like the outdoors too. 

  My youngest child, two year old E, has no fear whatsoever. She will run around everywhere and climb anything that she comes across with no thought of any consequences. I follow her like a little puppy as I'm so afraid that she will hurt herself. I know that I need to let her do her own thing more and stop wrapping her in cotton wool. My four old son C is the polar opposite. He worries about the littlest of things so he gets very afraid to do things sometimes and always needs reassurance. We are currently in the process of having him assessed for autism so I'm not quite sure if that goes hand in hand. Despite this, he still loves being outside and exploring the world around him.

As all parents know, little ones are not always as steady on their feet as we are, so bumps and grazes are inevitable. Both of my children like to think they are independent but when they fall over and hurt themselves, a mummy or daddy cuddle is always needed. Kisses and hugs work better than anything as well as reassurance that they are superheroes and falling over happens to everyone. It's all part of learning and growing up! 

Mums and dads are there to soothe their pains and let them know that they will be okay. When this happens to C, he does take it really badly and almost becomes obsessed with his injuries. When he was two years old, he fell and cut his chin on his toy wooden market stand and was left with an impressive scar. Almost three years on, he still talks about "how sore it is" to this day! I do find it hard to calm him and relax him but the promise of ice cream always works a treat - as well as promising a plaster! For some reason, plasters are magic and instantly make the pain better. It's even better when they are character ones! C is obsessed with Star Wars and I'm pretty sure E thinks that she actually is Elsa so these new character plasters from Elastoplast instantly stop tears and make the kids happy.

Elastoplast are my favourite brand of plaster because the quality is fantastic and much better than the cheaper replicas. They've been sold in six countries across the world since 1924 so I'm clearly not the only one who would sing their praises! I feel that they are a brand that you can rely on - I often find myself reaching for one of their plasters when I've cut myself whilst cooking - not just for kids!

This post is an entry for the Britmums #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk

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