Friday, 24 June 2016

C has cracked Potty Training!

For a good few months, I didn't think that I would ever be writing this post. Potty training definitely felt like the hardest aspect of parenting for me. I first introduced a potty to C at 18 months old as we were sent one from TOMY to review. Of course at 18 months, he wasn't really interested so I left it for a few months. I kept trying and trying and trying but every time I took his nappy off and he saw the potty he would scream bloody murder, tears streaming down his face and I'd feel really guilty for being the one to make him feel that way.

In February this year, I took C to get his preschool jabs. The doctor asked me how he was getting on and one of her questions was if he was potty trained. I explained to her that he was finding the process really upsetting and she reassured me that he was still young and had plenty of time to learn before starting preschool. This made me feel so much better as it had been something that I was worried about. C is tall for his age and I kept thinking that people would think badly of us for him still being in nappies or think we were lazy parents when that really wasn't the case.

About a month after this, I decided enough was enough and we had to get out of nappies. If I'm honest I was sick of buying them and I knew at 3.5 years old, he had the vocal capacity to do it. At the very beginning, we did have a few tears but I explained that he was going to school soon and all of the other boys and girls would be using the potty and he came round to the idea, especially as he knew that mummy and daddy use the toilet too.

I think that waiting so long to do it definitely was a positive. I can count on one hand how many accidents he's had and I think it took us only two weeks to be completely dry in the day. We've since mastered pooing in the potty (probably the scariest thing for him!) and most nights he's dry but I put pyjama pants on him just in case. 8 out of 10 times it's still dry in the morning.

We started off using the Mickey Mouse potty from TOMY that we had been sent to use but the hole was quite small so he'd get wee all over the floor. I won a My Carry Potty a few months previously and honestly, it's such a great potty. The hole is big enough for him, there is a little lip so you don't have to worry about wee coming over the side and of course you can close it over to bring out with you. 

C got really excited by praise, especially when it came to pooing. His daddy promised him that he'd get a new toy if he did it in the potty so that really spurred him on. He's a pro now!

Chris and I don't drive so shopping can take us all day as we walk everywhere. I would tend to worry and stick a nappy on him for this but he really surprised me by staying dry and just asking to use the toilet. It was definitely my own anxiety that was holding us back when it came to leaving the house nappy free. Choosing his own pants was good for him too. He originally went for Gruffalo briefs but he has a preference for boxers (so we had to get Avengers ones!) over briefs - I think he wants to be like his daddy!

We have even progressed from the potty to the big toilet thanks to the OXO Tot Sit Right. I will get into the ins and outs of this product early next week as I will be writing a full review.

But for now, yay! I have a potty trained child and it was painless! I am so proud.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kids Summer Sandals at Brantano - Review

I am obsessed with buying kids clothing and shoes. I think about 80% goes on them. With summer on its way, we were given the opportunity to try out a pair of summer sandals for E from Brantano's range. Choosing a pair was tough. They have such a gorgeous selection and at the end it was between the Sketchers Paw Princess (E actually saw these and wanted them herself - I think it's because they had a cat on them!) and the Hush Puppies Vikkie Smart Sandals.

I chose the Hush Puppies in infant size 5 as pink would go with more of her outfits. E was wearing size 4 and I knew she wouldn't be in them very long so I went up to be sure she'd get the wear out of them all summer. As soon as they arrived, E said "ah pretty shoes!" and asked me to put them on right away. I think the pink glitter was a sure winner!

I love that they have a thick sole but still look fashionable. I know that they're supporting her feet well. The little flowers are E's favourite feature, I think! I struggle with new shoes and the tiniest bit of thread poking out irritates me to no end and I'm left with sores and blisters. E has worn these shoes almost constantly for about two weeks now, all without socks on, and she hasn't had a single issue. They fit well and she can walk perfectly in them. I love that they have Velcro straps around the toe as well as the ankle so I can fit them to her foot width easily.

The Hush Puppies retail at only £30 (but are actually on sale right now for only £20!) which I think is very reasonable for such a fantastic and high quality shoe. This particular shoe is available in sizes 4-9 but if your child doesn't wear this size, I'm sure you could find something from the Brantano Summer sandals range to suit.
(We received these sandals for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Monday, 20 June 2016

Transforming E's Nursery to a Big Girl Room

E is very quickly approaching two years old and judging by her funny little character and how much she talks, she definitely isn't a baby any more (as much as I hate to admit it). First bedrooms, when you're preparing for baby to arrive tend to be just that - babyish. Now that I have a toddler, I need a more grown up room for her.

Of course I have bits in her current room that I could keep like her gorgeous little framed picture from Pink Rabbit Designs on Instagram. It's pink and glittery - of course that can stay in!

If you follow my blog or social media accounts, you'll know that I like entering the odd competition. I was lucky enough to win some bits that I'm saving to put in her room when it's done up. I won a gorgeous pink, floral teepee from Vobe which I was wanting to put in the corner as a reading nook. I think if I had some pink and cream scatter cushions on the floor inside it would be really cosy. Another win that I had was a voucher for a wall sticker company called Koko Kids. Obviously, I stuck with pink and chose floral woodland designs.

When it comes to the bigger items, Room to Grow have some gorgeous children's furniture bits. Our house currently looks like a library and there are books everywhere you turn. The Parisot Alice bookcase is the cutest kids bookcase that I have ever seen and I think it matches the picture in my head of what I want E's room to look like. On further inspection, and as I want everything matching, I noticed that the Parisot Alice range also includes a 3 drawer chest, bedside table, desk, dressing table, bed and wardrobe. I want it all! I think she'll end up having a better bedroom than me!

I tend to mostly stick to online stores - just because it's easier! - but Next's bedroom range always draws me in. They have a beautiful Vintage Ditsy Print bedding set and matching curtains which would match the wall stickers I have perfectly.

Finally, I have some little bits that I feel would just finish the room off. The bow holder was another competition win from xlilbowpeepx on Instagram. E may be only 21 ones but she has about 300 bows so I definitely need tons of storage for them. The name bunting was also a little win from Sweetpea Craft Cottage and the Shakespeare quote is one of my favourites. 

I'm so excited to get to work on E's big girl room (through tears of course, as I come to terms with the fact that my baby is no more!). I think she'll love it! Then I'll have to get to work on C's!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Look in my Letterbox #60

Even though I had a couple of days this week with no post arriving, it's still been really busy and I've got lots of lovely things to share with you. It was a good week for wins, it seems! As ever, I'm linking up with Alice-Megan's Look in my Letterbox linky.

 I won this in a Father's Day giveaway on Facebook. It will be perfect for Chris's chair.
Roald Dahl Collection
This was a blog win which I am over the moon about. I love Roald Dahl and Chris and I had recently spoken about introducing them to C.
Biky Biky vest
 I posted last week that the bike that I won for C arrived, I won this Biky Biky vest alongside it. They sound like such a great invention!
Nandos voucher
 I won this in a Facebook giveaway run by my local Nandos. You had to guess the score of that evenings football game and I was one of the ones who guessed correctly. Chris and I will probably use it for date night!
Cinderella plush
This was a little Twitter win from Sky Movies. E loves her Disney princesses but she keeps calling her Elsa!
Mickey Mouse figurines
 I take part in Disney Junior's tea parties on Facebook every Tuesday at 11am. They always have prizes to give away and until now, I have been unlucky. I was actually so surprised when I got the message to say I won. The kids love the set.
Baby Mori clothing
This was a win from an Instagram giveaway run by Annabel Karmel. The prize was £100 to spend at Baby Mori between you and a friend. My friend Jenna from Chic Geek Diary tagged me so we each got £50. I picked E up these gorgeous cardigans and leggings.

Dentinox goodies
This was a blog giveaway win. They'll make a great gift for my friend who is expecting.

 I bought E a baby blue dress so of course I needed a bow to match. I saw these oversized personalised ones from Sweet & Berry and just had to get one.
Funko Pop
 I bought this as Father's Day gift to Chris. It's from one of his favourite games.
 I've received this gorgeous necklace to review from Kaya Jewellery. I am a sucker for anything personalised.
Reward box
 C has gotten this little Pirate Reward Chart to test out. It looks so cool!
Lunch items
 We also got these fun little lunchbox bits to review too! Review should be up next week.

Warner Bros DVDs
 I recently ran a giveaway for these DVDs on my Twitter page and received the copies for myself too.

Did you receive anything nice this week?