Reasons to be Cheerful #R2BC 18/04/2013

We got lucky. We have a perfectly healthy baby (despite his arrival on this Earth early).

He sleeps well. Right through the night from around 14 weeks old. 

He eats well. Always finishes his bottles and now that we've started weaning, he never turns his nose up at anything. So easy to get food into.

He's happy all the time. Well, he does have a little whinge but he is generally such a pleasant baby. Everyone who meets him points it out.

We feel so blessed to have this little fellow in our lives and he is my reason to be cheerful.

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  1. Awwww, SO sweet x

  2. Awwww and he is so adorable too.!

  3. That's a wonderful post. He's adorable! Xx

  4. Beautiful post, and wonderful reasons to be cheerful x

  5. What a gorgeous little boy!

    The best reasons in the world to be cheerful are our kids :-)

    Laura x x x

  6. He looks like such a little character in that last photo :) So glad that his premature birth did not leave him with any problems x

  7. Won't let me reply to you individually for some unknown reason so thank you all! x x

  8. Aw, how could anyone not smile at such a gorgeous little face!

  9. Ahh beautiful, what a little cutie, great to have you join in with #R2BC. Mich x

  10. What a lovely little chap! Our twins were 5weeks prem and we were told never to expect too much of them..... Just shows you how much the doctors know, they're 30 this year and both solicitors! One has also become a Daddy himself this year - needless to say I am one very proud Grandma!

  11. Amazing! congratulations @fatfairyjewellery!

    (won't let me reply)


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